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Your car’s battery can fail for many reasons, including extended lack of use, interior lights left on, or cold weather. No matter the cause, having a dead car battery can derail your plans and leave you stranded. Get quick help with a dead car battery from HONK, a better alternative for roadside assistance now available across the U.S.



HONK is a free app that connects drivers in need with emergency vehicle assistance for any type of car issue, including jump starting a dead car and towing a stranded vehicle. HONK allows you to directly request vehicle assistance without going through a central dispatch service. In many cases, HONK is able to have help on the scene within 30 minutes of your service request.


It couldn’t be easier to get help when you need it. Simply open the app on your smartphone, or visit the mobile website. Enter in your location and your need, and then transmit the information to HONK’s network of affiliates near you. Within minutes of your service request, a tow truck driver near you will call or text you to confirm that your help request was received and give you an estimated arrival time of the roadside assistance.


HONK’s growing vehicle service network has more than 55,000 towing service partners across the U.S., which lets us get you faster service in all 50 states. In many cases, HONK customers get help in half the time it would take traditional auto clubs to deliver assistance.



Emergency vehicle assistance begins at $49 and varies by the level of need. Since HONK is available for any type of roadside assistance, we match drivers in need with the right level of help. This way, you can get battery assistance or help opening up a locked car without needing to pay the higher price of a tow truck that exceeds your level of need.


For every help request, HONK sends customers a maximum service quote that clearly indicates the highest amount of service charges. You’ll see this before help arrives, so you don’t have to discuss the cost of service with your roadside assistance providers. While there may be additional charges associated with getting help, such as the cost of a new battery, HONK customers pay no tax or tip on top of fees.


HONK is vehicle-independent, so you can get help when you are riding in a car that becomes stuck or driving a rented car during business travel. Families can also share HONK across devices, making it the perfect way for parent to ensure their college-bound child has access to safe help in a vehicle emergency.


Download HONK today for faster help when it matters. With a growing nationwide network, HONK sends help faster no matter where you go.

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